This Is Our Story 

Maple Ridge Baptist got its start in a farmhouse around a kitchen table just over 100 years ago! A group of families that had settled in this newly developing community put their prayers together, got to work, and what came of their dream was a new church (1912) that we know today as “MRBC.”

Over the past 100 years, Maple Ridge Baptist has had a faithful gospel-centered ministry in this community. We have helped plant other churches, touched thousands of lives and have supported numerous missionaries and agencies in overseas mission work.

We are grateful that God has given us a rich heritage as a foundation upon which to build. We believe that by His grace, our best days of ministry are still ahead of us.

With a staff team that is excited to serve and a congregation that is eager to grow, we are constantly praying that God would lead us into these new and exciting days ahead of us.

Thanks for being a part of our living, loving legacy.