Refugee Sponsorship

Refugee Sponsorship


Thank-you to so many of you who have offered your time to volunteer for this project.  This is the heart of what we are trying to do for sure!

For those who are able to give financially as well, it is much appreciated.  In fact, our next big step in this process is securing the funds; and once we have done that we can proceed with the application process.  Thank-you so much to those who have already contributed. As an update, MRCC [Maple Ridge Community Church] and MRBC have raised over $30,000 but we still need more.  

In response to questions we have received regarding donations to our Sponsorship Project:        

Cheques should be made out to Maple Ridge Baptist Church.  You can drop off at the church office, send in mail or give on Sunday morning.        

If you are planning on giving monthly please make out post-dated cheques and hand in at the church office.  This will help us know what is coming in each month as our budget is based on these figures.        

All donations will be income tax receipted.        

Please clearly indicate that your gift is for “REFUGEE SPONSORSHIP” (in the memo line on the cheque or on the envelope).

For those who were not able to attend recent meetings, both church Boards (MRBC and MRCC) have officially agreed to take on refugee sponsorship as a ministry of the church and we will be pursuing private sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family. The size of the family we support will be dependent on the funds we are able to raise (roughly $40,000-$50,000 for the year) and the housing we are able to secure. Once collected, the funds will be given in a lump sum to Mennonite Central Committee or MCC (as they are the “Sponsorship Agreement Holder”) and they will assist with disbursement based on the budget that we set up. 

Once we have adequate funds in place we will be working with MCC to finalize our settlement plan and secure a family. 

We are so excited to be on this journey together and so grateful for all of your passion and desire to reach out with love and compassion to those in such great need.

Thank you!