April Update

April Update

Happy Spring!

What a blessing to see the signs of new life around our community. Flowers are coming up, the sun is coming out, and our church is buzzing with new families and little souls!  

It amazes me that everywhere I turn in our city, there is something growing! New developments, new businesses, new faces that I have never met! I feel the same on Sunday mornings where we welcome families for the first time… the harvest is abundant and God is blessing us with so many folks to connect with!  

This past week our church was blessed to host the IMPACT 2017, the conference of our fellowship Baptist churches. It was our prayer, that as church leaders, we would seek what God would have for us in seeking to build His kingdom and not our own!

How do we IMPACT our community for Jesus? How are we impacting our community for Jesus?

As a family ministry team, we want to impact families by discipling kids, youth, young adults and parents/caregivers to KNOW God’s love and His word. We want to see our families GROW in relationship with Jesus and His church. We want to see our families SHOW the love of Jesus to the world as part of the great commission that impacts God’s Kingdom!

Each and every day, every one of us makes a choice whether we choose to do that which impacts His kingdom or our own.  We decide whether we serve another, or serve ourselves.  But, if we call ourselves a disciple of Jesus, don’t we have to look at how He impacted others, don’t we have to look at choices He made, the kingdom building He did? 

If we look at Matthew 4:23-25, “Jesus traveled throughout the region of Galilee…and He healed every kind of disease and illness…Large crowds followed Him wherever He went.”  Here we see that Jesus impacted people by first serving them.  Jesus saw a need and filled a need.  He loved God and was on mission to love others. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

As we head towards the “lazy days of summer”, I would like to challenge all of us to think about how we are investing in His mission  (great commission), versus how we are going to spend “our days/our time”.  How can we be a part of impacting our community for Christ?  What ministries around us are desperate for hands and hearts to help reach people for Jesus? See a need fill a need...

Speaking of needs… we hope you feel the need to be a part of VBS this summer!  From August 14-18th we will be impacting our community with the love of Jesus as we connect with kids and their families. VBS is the largest outreach our church family will have this year and we are hoping that you will “Saddle Up!” with us as we have a western-styled round up around these parts!!! Shine up your spurs and stay tuned for more exciting details to come…there is something for each and every cowpoke to do!!!

On behalf of our Family Ministry team, we hope you have a beautiful season of loving God and loving others!

Take good care out there!

Dayna, Director of Family Ministry