February Update

February Update

When I woke up on January 1st, I thought we’d have a long year before us. It was around 10am that morning when I realized it was already mid-February. I am writing this at noon, and we’re at the end of March already. I am not sure what is going on with time, but surely it feels like it is slipping through our fingers.

It’s been 8 months since I came with my family to MRBC. Isn’t that crazy? It’s been great so far, and I look forward to see what God will do at this church and with the MRBC staff team.

We all know that things have changed quite a bit lately. However, one thing remains the same, and has been the same since the first day MRBC was established over a century ago, that is, our one true God. He is the same, His word is the same, His presence is sure and his work is in progress. That is why we gather together every Sunday to worship His name, to proclaim His word and to equip the saints to go and live a life worthy of the calling we all have in Christ: to go and make disciples.

Easter is coming. The culmination of our faith, the death and resurrection of the perfect lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. Let’s invite our families and friends, coworkers and neighbours to come and hear the message of the Gospel, to worship the only true and living God, so their eyes would be opened to the truth and salvation would reach their lives.

Personally, I really appreciate the prayers for my family and I. In the midst of this busy busy season as worship pastor, I also will be a father again! We are so excited for this and can’t wait to have our new little one in our arms. I just ask for prayer that everything would go well with Priscilla (my wife) and our family, that we would have everything ready to welcome our little Dekker #4 to our family. Priscilla is doing very well, by the way.

God bless you!

Thomas V. Dekker