March Update

March Update

Hey Everyone! 

In March we had our Spring Break events, which were the simple Youth group formulae of Games + Candy = Fun. One game that I enjoyed in particular was Sock Wars, which has only one rule – the last person with a sock on wins. With only a few scraped knees and a ton of fun, I’d say it was worth it. We also had our Dodgeball night at MRSS, which was also fantastic. It was great to be able to be able to play some classic dodgeball with the students! 

As a group, Fused has been awesome. We have been going through a 4-week series this year and it has been great to discuss so many topics. We have covered things like Identity, Overcoming Temptation and now are looking at a series entitled “Encounters with Jesus” where we look at the stories surrounding Easter. We are seeing fewer numbers than we did last year, last year’s average being 25 students, this year we see 15 students regularly. There were a large number of students who graduated into youth last year and thankfully many students are still attending youth. It is one of the big victories I count from last year that they were able to create friendships that have stood the test of time so far.

This year the big victory is Fused Core. Fused Core meets every other Sunday after church for lunch with a servant-leadership focused Bible study and group building activities. We have put these students to work as well – they have helped with all the Super Sundays we do with Ridgekids and they have served on a Sunday Morning as greeters and ushers. It has been great to connect with these 5-8 students and have an environment where we can have frank conversations about faith and leadership. 

If you are willing to pray for the Fused ministry, please pray for the leaders as I will be leaving for three weeks in May. I am going to France and they will be running the show by themselves! Pray for them as they prepare and lead those three weeks. 

Thanks so much for all you do in the lives of these students! You as parents and guardians have the biggest impact on the spiritual lives of your children and I thank you for allowing us to support you through the Fused ministry. I look forward to seeing how God will continue to use this ministry to advance his Kingdom.