What is Ridge Kids?

Every Sunday, children (babies through Grade 7) experience safe, age-appropriate communities where kids are exposed to the Bible in creative and engaging ways!

We are passionate about kids having an encounter with Jesus, so we surround them with a big team of folks who know and love Him!

It is also our desire to partner with our Ridge Kids families to equip our kids so that they will engage their world in a way that expresses their love of Jesus!

Is This Your First Visit?

When you arrive in our lobby, have a look for the coffee bar and you will be one step closer to finding our Ridge Kids corner. Our crew will be excited to meet you and get you on board!

As part of our flight plan, we will need to gather some important information from you in order for your children to have a safe journey. Our attendants will also take your family on a quick flyby to the ports (classrooms) your children will be venturing to! Visiting families will be given a call number in case any of your crew needs you during the service.

Ridge Kids start Sunday service with their families in the auditorium and then are dismissed around 10:15. Families are asked to bring their children to their designated check-in areas where their captains are preparing for take-off.

After service is dismissed, families are asked to meet their children in their classrooms where the crew members will safely return them back to your care! Children in grades 4-7 do not require families to sign them out, so we ask that you would choose a meeting area in the lobby where you can locate one another as the lobby experiences a lot of traffic after service!

Welcome aboard!!!

How To Register

Families must register their children with Ridge Kids to ensure we have adequate information to properly serve your family. (Click here to download the registration form)

Families must also sign in and sign out their children (younger than Grade 4) during Sunday service or special events to ensure that children remain safe and accounted for at all times. Families sign in their children in the lobby with their teachers after the dismissal announcement and sign out their children in the classrooms at the end of service.



Nursery (Feathers) – Newborn to 2 Years-Old 

Children can be dropped off before or during the services and left in the care of our experienced volunteers who will provide loving care for them. Each child will be issued a call number in cases where parental assistance is required (ie. diaper changes).

Little Wings - 2 Year-Olds 

Little Wings is our only other classroom that requires parents to go with their kids to the class. Instead of meeting the teacher at their signposts, the little wings will be dropped off upstairs. Head up the west stairwell and turn left. The little wings classroom is tons of fun - kids will have a snack, a story, and time to play. Kids will begin to learn about Jesus and how much he loves them! 

Wings - 3 Year-Olds

In our wings classroom, children will learn more about Jesus through Bible lessons and activities. Parents/caregivers must sign in the kids in the Wings area (located next to the Nursery). After the service is over, please head up to their classroom to pick them up! 

Flyers - 4 Year-Olds 

Children in pre-k and kindergarten will be in our flyers classroom. They will learn the foundations of Christianity through Bible teaching, activities, crafts, and age-appropriate learning experiences. This is a great place for children to start building relationships with their teachers and other children in a safe and caring environment. Parents/caregivers must meet the teachers in the east stairwell; find the sign labeled "flyers" and drop your kids off there! After the service, you will head up to the classroom to pick your child up! 

Navigators - Grades 1-3 

Kids in grades 1-3 will be a part of our Navigators classroom. This children’s program consists of large and small group Biblical teaching time, with age-appropriate activities to support the lesson focus. There are also prayer and discussion times where kids can talk about what they’ve learned and ask questions in an open and supportive environment. Parents/caregivers must sign-kids in at the Navigators area (located in the lobby). After the service, please head downstairs to pick up your child! 

Aviators - Grades 4-7 

Our Aviators class is the only class that does not require kids to be checked in/out by their parent/guardians. The sign-in area is located in the lobby, next to the navigators. In our Aviators class, kids will go deeper in their faith and learn more about Jesus through solid biblical teaching. After the service, the Aviators can dismiss themselves and head back upstairs! 

Connection Events: 

At Ridge Kids, we believe that connections matter!

We provide various connection events throughout the year for both kids and the whole family to participate in and connect with one another in fun, safe and affordable ways!

Through our connection events, we also reach out to families across our community and try to connect with them and introduce them to knowing who Jesus is!

Stay tuned for exciting summer details!!!


Current Curriculum

RidgeKids are currently enrolled in "The Gospel Project".  The Gospel Project is a 3 year, Christ-centered, chronological study of the Bible which takes us on a journey from Genesis through to Revelation. This curriculum is multilayered to meet the needs of auditory, visual and tactile learners!

Faith at home support is very important to us and we are excited to be able to offer our families resources including online lesson plans for folks who need to catch up, review missed lessons or give their kids extra preparation for upcoming studies!

If you wish to access The Gospel Project curriculum for Faith @ Home resources or have any questions about our Ridge Kids ministry, please contact Dayna Olson-Brooks our Family Ministry Director.


Vision Statement 

Our vision is for our Ridge Kids and their families to... 

Know: God's love and His word

Grow: In a relationship with Jesus and His church

Show: Show the love of Jesus to the world