Being engaged in community is part of our vision here at MRBC.  If you would like to know more about what community groups are, where they meet and which group needs you in it, please connect with me!

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~ Gary Powell | Associate Pastor

Virtual Community Groups

With current social distancing measures in place, we are taking our groups online. Virtual Community Groups are now beginning and you can find the information on those groups below so you can join in!

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How do Virtual Community Groups Work?

Like a book club would read a section of a book then meet to discuss, virtual community groups watch a video session (from our RightNow Media library), then come together online (using Zoom) to discuss and pray together around that content. 


Why is this important?

It's always been important as Christ-followers to gather together in smaller community. And we need each other more than ever in this socially isolating time. As always with our group vision, this is an oppotrunity to notice each other's spiritual growth and care when tough things happen. We can still do this—and need to still do this—in an online format.


Want to Lead?

Already a part of MRBC and thinking you’d like to be leader? Please contact Pastor Gary at [email protected] to find out how you can help.