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You love your kids, and so do we!  I would love to connect with you and share what our Ridge Kids are up to here at MRBC!

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~ Anna Koehn | Director of Children & Young Family Ministries

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Ridge Kids exists to prepare and launch the children of MRBC into a thriving relationship with Jesus, fostering a love to share Him with those around them.


How?! The way every great adventure, journey or exciting game starts: By declaring “READY? SET…GO!" Kids will be made READY by connecting to Christ through learning and living the truth of God’s Word, SET up in our church community to grow in faith with other believers, and be prepared to GO out into the world to influence culture and share the Good News with others.


All the time! But specifically, Sundays for our regular time of worship and teaching. On Wednesdays, Ridgekids offers a mid- week program for preschoolers and moms with babies. Once a month, we host a Kids Nights Out an intentional time for kids to invite friends from school or their neighbourhood to check out church. During the summer we get together for Daycamp.


Kids are important to Jesus. He gave children His time, blessing, and encouragement, and cautioned adults of the responsibility to nurture and protect these kids who are entrusted to us. If these kids are important to Jesus, they are important to our church.