We are so happy that you are joining TOGETHER and ENGAGING IN COMMUNITY with our VIRTUAL COMMUNITY GROUPS! We are here to help remove as many obstacles as we can to get you online and engaging in our virtual community as we seek to discuss, learn, and pray together! We pray that during these uncertain and turbulent times - we will be steadied by the continued routine of Community Groups


Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Open your internet browser window (Chome, Safari & Firefox)
  2. Type: ridgebaptist.ca into the address bar.
  3. You will arrive at the Maple Ridge Baptist Church Home Page.
  4. Scroll down until you see the Heading: VIRTUAL COMMUNITY GROUPS
  5. In this Blue text box you will see 2 Orange “Buttons”
  6. “Button” one says: VIRTUAL COMMUNITY GROUPS - Click Here.
  7. A new window will open: GROUPS
  8. This is where you will find all of the current information on Virtual Community Groups!
  9. Scroll down to section titled: "How do virtual community groups work?
  10. Click on the orange "ZOOM" word which is a link to an external website.
  11. It will open the zoom website and you can click "SIGN UP FOR FREE"
  12. Enter your email address (as you will need to go to your email to confirm sign up) & click SIGN UP.
  13. Go to your personal email and open the email you just received from ZOOM.
  14. Click the "Activate Account" link in your email to confirm your sign up.
  15. This will then open the ZOOM website again - and you can enter your personal information as well as create a password and click continue
  16. You do not need to invite colleagues (Skip this step)
  17. Click: go to my account
  18. To Join a Meeting - Click that link.
  19. You would have gotten a meeting ID from your Small Group Leaders 
  20. Enter your Meeting ID Code in the Join a Meeting Box and click JOIN.
  21. There will be a series of windows that you need accept or click allow or click open.
  22. You will see yourself - click JOIN WITH VIDEO. 
  23. Join with Computer Audio and There you GO! You should be in your new Vitural Community Group! 
  24. To stop video - click "Stop Video" Button
  25. You can click FILE (in the top left hand corner) scroll down to QUIT to exit at any time.

rightnow MEDIA

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Open your email to see your rightnow MEDIA invitation from MRBC. 
  2. NOTE: If you haven't gotten that email you can sign up HERE
  3. Open that email and scoll down until you see "Get Started!" Click that Button!
  4. That will open the rightnow MEDIA website and you will see the My Profile page. 
  5. Fill in your personal information and create a password.
  6. Click the two boxes stating you are from MRBC and that you have read their Terms of Use.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. You are IN! Lots of content to choose from!
  9. Click the Maple Ridge Baptist Church tab.
  10. You can see the Group Study Recommendations.
  11. Your group study might be in there - and you can preview it now.
  12. When you click on the study you can watch the Series Trailer.
  13. You can also click the Download Button for the Participants Handout.
  14. This will be saved to your Download folder on your computer.
  15. You can print this handout at home to follow along with your group!