COMMUNITY Study Questions 

1) What stood out to you most from this sermon?  

2) When someone says that they have lost their faith or that their faith has come crashing down, what exactly does that mean?  Have you ever lost faith? 

3) When have you misinterpreted God’s voice / direction?  When have you been surprised or frustrated by God’s timeline in your life?  

4) Read Hebrews 12:1 - 3. 
          a) Who is the great “cloud of witnesses” that the writer is speaking about?  Why does he remind us of them?  If you know the stories of the faith of Old Testament saints, which one do you resonate most with? Why? 
          b) What does it mean that Jesus is both the “founder and perfecter” of our faith?  
          c) How does setting our faith on the foundation of Jesus rather than on our circumstances help us to “run with endurance the race that is before us?” 

5) What does it look like to continue to have faith in the midst of difficult and trying circumstances?  


Please pray for:
1) One another
2) Those exploring faith in Jesus through Starting Point
3) Safety for teachers and students in schools