COMMUNITY Study Questions 

  1. Who comes to your mind when you think about what it means to have a life that is well-lived? What do you think goes into living well?
  2. Genesis 15, upon first reading, is a strange passage. What do you do when you come upon stories like this in your own reading of the Bible? How do you try to find their meaning?
  3. Read Genesis 15:2-5 - God asks Abram to live in light of his promises even when it means surrendering control.. Do you find it easy to surrender control in your own life? Why or why not?
  4. Read Genesis 5:8-20 - Why would God go through the process of the covenant ceremony with Abraham? Why not just make the promise and move on? How do you think God uses specific moments to form us as followers of Christ?
  5. God passes through the covenant and promises to take on the curse of the broken covenant along. This is ultimately fulfilled by the cross of Jesus Christ. Why do you think it is so hard to trust that Jesus really has paid it all? What holds you back from knowing that all your sin (past, present, and future) have been forgiven by Christ?
  6. What things do you anchor your life to that AREN’T Jesus? How can we as a community support you in trusting Jesus alone as your anchor?


    1. Pray for a personal experience of God’s immense love that mark us for a lifetime.
    2. Pray for clarity to anchor our hope in Christ and in Christ alone.