COMMUNITY Study Questions 

1) What stood out to you most about this week’s sermon? 

2) Who first introduced you to God?  How did you respond to that first introduction? 

3) Do you think that you found God or that God found you?  Or are you still exploring faith?   Why does that make a difference who found who?  

4) Read Isaiah 7:9b.  Isaiah is speaking to the king of Judah who is worried that a foreign army is going to invade his country.  Isaiah tells him to trust God but the king wants to hire another army to come and help defend him.  That’s when Isaiah says these words (Isaiah 7:9b).  What does he mean by this?  How does this apply to our lives?  

5) If faith is “confidence that God is who he says he is and that he will do what he promises to do,” how do you know who God is and how do you know what he promises to do?    

6) How does worshiping God in less than perfect circumstances not only flow from faith but also lead us to greater faith?  


What is one area that you need your faith to grow?  Pray for one another that God would grow your faith in that area.