COMMUNITY Study Questions 

  1. Read 1 Peter 2:11 - 12.  How does living as ‘foreigners and exiles’ affect our attitudes, our actions and our interactions with the people in the culture around us? 
  2. Read Genesis 14:11 - 16.  
    1. Do you think Abram was wise to rescue his nephew Lot?  Why or why not?  
    2. Is it always good to pursue reconciliation of relationships if there has been hurt?  Why or why not? 
  3. Read Genesis 14:17 - 20. 
    1. Abram gave 10% of everything as a tithe out of gratitude to God.  Why do you think he did this, instead of simply saying ‘thank you’ and promising to keep following God?  
    2. Randy Alcorn writes: “The principle is timeless: There is a powerful relationship between our true spiritual condition and our attitudes and actions concerning money and possessions.” 
    3. What does he mean by this?  What are some reasons why a follower of Jesus might find it difficult to give a percentage of their income regularly to God as part of what it means to follow after him?  
    4. Why is giving regularly and consistently such a good practice for those who follow Jesus? 
  4. Read Genesis 14:21 - 24. Abram doesn’t want the king of Sodom to steal any of the glory that is due to God for the good things in Abram’s life and so he gives to the king of Sodom all that was his, even though technically he didn’t have to.  His integrity was more important than the possessions that he would gain.  
    1. When we are tempted to trade our integrity for some kind of gain, it is rarely a black and white decision.  More often than not, it is in the grey areas.  How should we navigate questions of integrity when it comes to the grey areas of life?   


  1. Pray with thanksgiving for the goodness of God in your life 
  2. Pray for our Young Adults Worship night, coming on Friday Oct. 16